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The Christopher Columbus Cemetery, Havana, Cuba

The cemetery forms a rectangle of 140 acres, and its beauty is comparable to Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris.
The Cuban people refer to this cemetery as City of Depths and World of the Shadows. LA Necropolis Cristobal Colon,
once located on the outskirts of the city, is now surrounded by the city of Havana.

The Central Chapel pictured below features Romanesque architecture, stained glass windows, and frescos.  The chapel
continues to be used for funerals and is very much a part of the political, cultural and social history of the Cuban people.


The next five photos show the Firemen’s Mausoleum honoring firemen who died in a horrific fire and explosion at an
ammunition’s shop in 1890.
The Firemen’s Mausoleum is also known internationally as The Victims of Charity and is made of Carrara marble
by the architect Julio Zapata and the sculpture Agustin Querol, both Spaniards. It was unveiled in 1897.




Note the Chain of Tears and medallions showing the faces of several firemen. The mausoleum sculptures represent
courage, resurrection, and eternity.



The most visited grave in the cemetery is the tomb of Amelia Goyri de Hoz, known asThe Miraculous One. The deceased
died during childbirth and was buried along with her child.When the sarcarphogus was opened in 1901, she was holding
the baby in her arms - the same baby that was placed at her feet when buried.People touch the figures of mother and child
and also knock three times with one of the brass rings located on the tomb. Wishes are granted and as you leave the site,
you must never look back.


Famous military heroes, poets, writers, scientists, veterans from the Wars of Independence, artists, architects, as well
as victims of tragedies are some of the people buried here with appropriate monuments and tombs. Beautifully cleaned
and restored marble tombs, replicas of pyramids, grottos, and even palatial mansions are in abundance. 

Below are some additional photos of only a few of the many curiously beautiful monuments to Cuba’s ancestors.
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