FEATURING: Handmade 100% Natural Herbal Soaps......Handcrafted By Jacob's Well of West Buxton, Maine.

Herbal Soaps

For those of us who share an interest in the fascinating art of gravestone rubbing, here is a great application for rubbing designs from Gravestone Artwear® Its popular soaps are sold throughout the United States and Canada and are used by many cemetery conservation and preservation organizations for fundraising. You can also purchase them through gravestonerubbingsupplies.com. They make wonderful gifts as well. Each wrapper is imprinted with a beautiful gravestone rubbing design. And only the purest aromatherapy essential oils of flowers and herbs are used. The soaps are unsurpassed in their mildness and quality. Necessary ingredients include coconut oil for a rich creamy lather, olive oil as a moisturizer, and palm oil to insure a long lasting bar of soap. All six fragrances are 100 percent biodegradable and are cruelty-free....." THIS IS THE LAST SOAP YOU WILL EVER NEED !"

Gravestone Soaps

Herbal Spice of Life

Details The Herbal Spice of Life wrapper design is from Salisbury, Massachusetts.Herbal "Spice of Life" contains the Essential oils of Cinnamon & Patchouli, and Aloe Vera is added. $ 4.50

Herbal Stonecarver

Details The Herbal Stonecarver's wrapper is a popular stone effigy and border design from New England.Herbal "Stonecarver's Soap" has essential Oils of Rosemary. It is a gently abrasive and a gardener's choice. $ 4.50

Herbal Nipt in The Bud

Details The Herbal "Nipt in the Bud" wrapper is from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The Herbal "Nipt in the Bud" contains Essential oils of Rosewood, Palma Rosa and Bergamot are used in creating this Rose fragrant mild soap. $ 4.50

Herbal Sunrise *Sunset

Details The Herbal "Sunrise* Sunset" wrapper displays the classic symbols of the sun and moon. Rubbings are from Glouster, Massachusetts. Herbal "Sunrise *Sunset" Coco Butter and Calendula with essential oils of Lemon Grass and Lemon are the ingredients in this lovely bar of soap. $ 4.50

Herbal Father Thyme

Details The Herbal "Father Thyme" wrapper design is from the famous Timothy Lindall stone in Salem, Massachusetts. Herbal "Father Thyme" contains Essential Oils of Lavender and Thyme. $ 4.50

Herbal Roots to Fruit

Details The Herbal "Roots to Fruit" wrapper is from Newbury, Massachusetts. Herbal "Roots to Fruits" contains a blend of Ginger, Lime, Clove and Patchouli. $ 4.50

Herbal Good Night

Details The Herbal "Good Night" contains essential Oils of Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, Nutmeg and filtered Pure cosmetic quality Black Oxide to create a Slate colored soap which lathers white. $ 4.50